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St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

How To Sparkle Like the Emerald City on Saint Patty's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is one of those highly anticipated holidays where it's not only socially acceptable to let go of your inhibitions and get inebriated, but it's encouraged and almost considered a social obligation. Alcohol isn't the only staple of this holiday, however. In many places on Saint Patrick's Day, if you don't have the color green somewhere on your body it's considered an open invitation to get pinched. No one wants to be pinched, especially by a stranger. Fret no longer! If you find yourself with a considerable lack of green clothing, these Saint Patrick's Day nail art projects will save your body from being pinched and earn you the attention of some truly impressed leprechauns in the process.

It is important to mention that before beginning any nail art you should thoroughly clean your fingernails, trim them to ensure they are the proper length and shape, and apply a base coat to ensure a longer lifespan of your nail art.

Pot O' Gold

What You'll need:
  • emerald green nail polish
  • gold nail polish with sparkles
  • high finish pointed paint brush
  • red polish
  • orange polish
  • yellow polish
  • light green polish
  • blue polish
  • indigo polish
  • purple polish

This St Patty's Day nail art idea is simple yet elegant. Paint all of your fingernails emerald green. Next, take the gold nail polish and draw a pot of gold on your thumbnail. Be as detailed as possible. Then use the pointed paint brush and the rainbow nail polishes to paint a rainbow leading from your pinky fingernail over the rest of your fingernails in an arch to the pot of gold on your thumb. If you can't fit all seven colors on your nails then pick four of your favorite colors. Allow all these colors to dry. Once they've dried and set, apply a clear top coat and let that dry. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use a clear top coat with glitter to add glitz to the overall look. Your result should look something like this.

All That Glitters is Gold and Silver

What You'll Need:
  • bright green polish
  • high finish pointed paint brush
  • gold glitter polish
  • silver glitter polish

This St Patrick's Day nail art is so much fun and sparkles like new money. Paint three of your fingernails a bright green. Paint one the other fingers silver. Paint your last finger gold. On your green fingers, use the silver polish with the paint brush to draw four leaf clovers. Use the gold color to draw golden coins to make those leprechauns happy. On your silver fingernail, use the green to draw four leaf clovers and use the gold polish to continue drawing golden coins. On your gold fingernail, use the silver to draw silver coins and use the green to make more green clovers. You can use a clear glitter top coat to add more sparkle or add in other colors and designs as your heart desires. Your nails should look something like this.
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These St Patrick's Day nail art ideas are just two of many to be found online. For more ideas and designs, you can visit here to look at a collection of St. Patty's Day nail art pictures. Feel free to visit the cosmetics isle of your local store to buy a coalition of colors and let your creativity sparkle. Just be sure to include some green to prevent those painful leprechaun pinches!