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Holiday Nail Art

Holiday Nail Art Designs

Getting ready for the holidays is a lot of fun, especially if the holiday is an exciting one. You work to find the best and most holiday oriented outfits to take your holiday spirit to the next level, and your makeup is often on pointe for certain holidays like Halloween or New Years. What about your nails though? You wouldn't want to be dressed up for a holiday without completing your outfit by having your nails done.

Sometimes, it is both fun and exciting to have themed nail art to play up your outfits for the holiday seasons. For some, finding a great nail art idea can be difficult. If you are looking for a few tips to get the best holiday nail art, then keep reading. Below are five of the easiest ways to incorporate different holiday themes into your nail art to help you get a unique and exciting nail art experience.

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Holiday Nail Art by NailEverything.com

Coordinate Colors

Holidays have a theme color or colors, which makes it easy to create outfits or, like in this case, holiday nail art. If you want something a little simpler, you can always go with a themed color nail to tie in your outfit without going over the top. Some of the colors might not be easy to decipher so this guide has compiled a short list of some colors for the major holidays that you can use. You can use any variations of these colors as well to make your nail art as unique as you!

  • New Years: black, gold, white
  • Valentine's Day: pink, white, red
  • St. Patrick's Day: green, black, white
  • Easter: light pink, light purple, light green, light blue, light yellow
  • 4th of July: red, white, blue
  • Halloween: orange, black, yellow, gray, white, purple, green
  • Thanksgiving: brown, yellow, orange, green, red
  • Christmas Nail: red, green, gold, silver, black, white

Use Glitter

Just like using solid colors on your nails for the holidays, you can incorporate glitter. As every woman knows, glitter is a great way to spice up your nails, and if you have a little girl, she might enjoy having more glitter on her nails. It isn't that difficult to find glitter in a variety of colors to make your holidays pop. You can even use glitter with solid colors to make your nails look exciting and unique. Glitter also looks amazing in the light, so at Christmas with all the lights shining, you glitter polish will start to sparkle.

For example, you could use a solid red on a few nails while blending a gold glitter on one nail alone. It would create dimension and a look all your own. You can even use this technique in the opposite by using gold glitter all over except for the solid red on one nail. Every holiday can offer a variety of different colors and glitters to use. The only negative side to using glitter polish at home is some layers needed to completely fill a nail with glitter. However, there are special hacks you can use to get a better glitter experience without layering too much polish on one nail.

Incorporate Characters

If you want to take your nail art for the holidays a little further, you can incorporate different characters onto your nails. This might seem a little extreme for some to do at home, but several nail art specialists might be able to put these little characters on your nails. You will also have something that not many people have for the holiday seasons, making your nail art stand out. If you are interested in using characters on your nail art, there are a few holidays that have many to choose from. This list below will help you choose the best characters for these holidays.

  • St. Patrick's Day: Leprechaun
  • Easter: bunny, chick
  • Halloween: witch, ghost, goblin, skeleton, mummy, cat
  • Thanksgiving: turkey, pilgrim
  • Christmas: Santa, snowman, reindeer

Add Holiday Logos

If you aren't into the characters for a holiday, you might want to opt for a logo or pattern instead. These are often more common for nail art since they are easier to achieve, and you can often shrink them down to fit many different nail sizes. There are many different logos associated with different holidays so you can use whatever logo or pattern that best fits your idea of the holiday. If you are not sure which logos to use for which holiday, you can consult this handy list below to find the best ideas for your holiday nail art.

  • New Years: fireworks, the year, champagne glasses
  • Valentine's Day: hearts, candy, roses, lips, Love
  • St. Patrick's Day: pot of gold, four leaf clover, leprechaun hat
  • Easter: basket, eggs, cross, bunny ears
  • 4th of July: flag, fireworks, stars, stripes
  • Halloween: bones, pumpkins, full moon, Boo, skull, candy corn
  • Thanksgiving: cornucopia, feathers, corn, pilgrim hat
  • Christmas: tree, ornaments, light bulbs, Angel, present, snowflake, snowman hat, scarf, red nose, cookies, milk, train, star, etc.

Find Inspiration

If you scoured your mind looking for the best nail art, but you still have no idea what to use for the holidays, you can always look for inspiration. Luckily, you can find inspiration anywhere for great nail art ideas. With all the great nail artists nowadays, the sky's the limit so you can use many different ideas to create your look or even copy from another great idea. Looking for inspiration can also be something fun to do with your friends, mom, or child, and getting ready for the holidays can even be inspiring for some.

Holiday Specific Nail Art Guides

We have put together specific pages for the major holidays to give you nail art inspiration. Please enjoy the following detailed nail art designs and let us know if you have any holidays that you would would like us to develop a guide for?

Holiday Nail Art Video Tutorials

Looking for some ideas on how to implement your holiday nail art ideas? Below, we are sharing a few videos that will help you get started with putting your holiday nail art design ideas into action. If you are looking for additional holiday specific design ideas, please click the links above to our holiday specific nail art guides. Within those nail art guides you will find detailed design ideas, inspiration, and videos for the holidays of your choice. Enjoy!

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When you are getting ready for the holiday season, you might be wanting to add to your outfit by getting your nails done. Whether you are going for a simple look or a look that stands out in the crowd, there are many different ideas that you can use or incorporate to create your look. You can go simple by using solid colors or even glitter, or you can go wild and use logos, characters, or patterns to create unique looks. Nail art is a great way to piece together your outfit and draw attention to the holiday at the same time.

It's also quite easy to find inspiration for your nail art. Online places or even your nail tech can help you find beautiful designs for the holidays. If you want something different, you can speak with a nail technician or artist about coming up with a new idea. With a little help, you can get the nail art you want to make your holiday outfits, makeup, costumes, and more stand out and look fabulous all at the same time.