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Halloween Nail Art

Bewitching Nails: A Few Halloween Nail Ideas to Consider

Some people are naturally drawn to things that are dark and brooding, which is one reason why Halloween has a hold on these people. The day, originally intended to remember those who passed away, has now taken a new meaning. It is a day where the fun and dark aspects of imagination are let loose, which can be perfectly represented with Halloween nail art. The following are some dark-based nail art you might be interested in. 

Simplistic Color Splash

Many want an elaborate Halloween nail art design, which is perfectly fine, but there are times when simplistic ideas are good enough. One of the easiest ways to dress up your nails to match Hallow's Eve is to use the colors of the holiday. 

You can paint your nails in black or pumpkin orange if you want. You can alternate between black and white, or try to find that perfect red blood nail color to complete your entire outfit or costume. You can even have little drips of blood added to the design.

Classics Never Rot

The classics are always good, fun, and safe. This includes designs with skeletons, skulls, spiders, pumpkins, bats, witches, witch's hats, vampire teeth, black cats, or even little devils. These Halloween nail art designs have been used almost every season and do not require you to think of an entirely new design that may not work. 

This is not to say that you cannot have fun with classic designs and throw your own personal touch into the one you choose. For example, you can draw a malicious smile on the black cat, or turn your vampire into another kind of creature like a fish, which is unorthodox to say the least. 

Popular Culture Reference

One great thing about popular culture is it makes a special character or story into something that everyone knows. You can dig into some of these characters to find your inspiration. Think of characters from films like Chucky, Jason, Leprechaun, Freddy, or Pinhead just to name a few. 

These characters could make great Halloween toe nail art or finger nail art, and it will even give you some street cred, especially if you choose to honor a character in a very obscure horror movie to show off just how much you love this holiday. Be sure that it is from a movie you would recommend.

Cultural Icons

Those who are interested in representing horror stories that are different from the ones most people know in the United States should consider horror icons with ties to other cultures. For example, one of the most known demons in the world is the Dybbuk, which is a Hebrew malicious spirit. The spirit is sometimes trapped in a eerie-looking wine box, which can be implemented into your nail art. 

There are many other examples like the colorful skulls and skeletons used in many Latin countries, including Mexico. Asian cultures have very interesting ways of representing their demons that might make very cool-looking nail art. One easy way to find a scary representation of a ghost or demon from another culture is to look into the culture or country you are interested in. Find the character that most intrigues you, and learn what you can. Someone will probably ask you about your design, and you should be able to talk about it.

These are just some of the Halloween-inspired nail designs that you can consider. Of course, you can always just try to create your very own scary design so that it can be totally unique, or you can ask your nail artist for some suggestions because you never know where the right image might come from.