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Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail Art

With a hop or two, you can celebrate the Easter holiday with fun nail art designs. There are also a few designs that you can try if you want to honor the religious meaning behind the holiday. Most designs can be done yourself, or you can take an idea or two to a manicurist who can makeover your nails with pastel colors and fun images. 

Polka dots are a simple design for the spring season and Easter holiday. You can change the base color and the dots regularly, using colors that include pink, yellow, green or blue. If you want to embrace the natural beauty of spring, then use a floral design on the nails. Navy and nude colors as the base work well with a floral design on one or two nails. 

Create speckled eggs on the nails with pastel base colors and navy blue glitter that looks like it's splattered on the nails. File the nails into an oval shape so that they look like the popular candy treats for Easter. When you look outside in the spring, you usually see flowers of bright colors, especially yellow daffodils, and tulips. Paint the nails canary yellow with one nail left clear or painted white. Create a floral design on this nail with a brown or black center so that it stands out with the bright colors you wear during the season. Another way to use yellow with an Easter nail art design is to create a chick on one finger. The other nails should be left solid yellow. The nail with the chick has a white tip with a squiggly silver line between the white and yellow. This Easter nail art design is fun for young children. 

A pink base with white polka dots is a fun theme to use for Easter along with a white bunny designed on one nail. You could paint two bunnies on the middle fingers so that they hop along together for Easter. Each finger can look like an Easter egg with a textured design. Paint each nail a different color, using a different color for each nail to make 3D dots. Pastel colors work well with this theme. Add a clear coat to keep the dots from getting rubbed off. You can also create jagged lines on the nails with dots above and below the lines so that the fingers look like eggs that you would paint at home. A brushed look can be achieved using three different colors and a toothpick. Start with a base of one color, dipping the toothpick in each color that you use to create a brushed look on each nail. Jelly beans are a part of Easter. Use bright colors on the nails as a background with white bean designs.
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A part of Easter is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. You can paint each nail in a pastel color with an image on each finger the represents every day of the death, burial, and resurrection. Another idea would be to create a theme of joy and celebration with words on each nail the depict how you feel about Jesus rising from the grave.