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Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art  

You might want something new to do to your nails this Christmas, but it seems like everything has either been done or you don’t think you possess enough skills. For starters, you can absolutely do nail art on your own. You just need the right tools. Also, it’s okay to do repeats from yesteryear, and it’s okay to do something new as well. Recent and current fashion trends hold that anything goes, so don’t be afraid to go a little wild with your nails, too. 

Traditional Colors with an Updated Twist

You can create easy Christmas nail art by all that is around you. You know that red, gold, white and green are traditional Christmas colors, which can produce loud nails, which is fun and bold. However, pastels are still very much in, too. Let’s say you want the bold colors, think of Christmas décor: garland, candy canes, ornaments and twinkling lights. Your Christmas nail art designs can take cues from things you’re used to seeing around the holiday. If you prefer more subtle art, look to nature for color ideas. Think of shades of blue, grey, brown and hues of gold, such as butterscotch. 

Christmas Nail Art Tools: Brushes

You’ve seen people try to mimic various types of nail art, and it can seem like it’s hard to pull off. Most often, people don’t have the right tools for the nails they’re trying to accomplish. You’re going to need a variety of brushes, like you would use for makeup. Sharp, chiseled brushes allow for clean edges. Long, thin brushes can be used to create lines. For ombré effects, you’re better off using a sponge. You can either choose makeup sponges or the good ol’ dish sponge. 

Christmas Nail Art Tools: Stamps

Stamps aren’t extremely new, but many people are still unaware of what these are. These little kits come with nail plates, stampers and scrapers. To use, paint your nails with a base coat. Take another color, preferably a contrasting color, and paint the nail plate. Scrape off the excess, dab your stamper over the area you painted, and quickly roll it across your fingernail. It instantly dries and looks amazing. Depending upon the nail plate you use, you could design your nails with stars, symmetrical designs or holiday themes. 

Christmas Nail Art Tools: Dotters and Tweezers

Dotters and tweezers are a must. Dotters are perfect for painting on snow, eyes, buttons and other holiday designs that add extra detail to your nails. Tweezers are useful in placing 3D nail art on your nails, which is huge right now. Place shiny bows, rhinestones, pearls or snowflakes on your fingernails. 

Inner Magic

There is something that makes us all an individual. You want to be inspired by others, but you don’t want to copy them. Follow ideas that you like, but do it in your own way. This is true for anything you do. You have to ask yourself what Christmas means to you. Maybe you love cold nights, fires, hot chocolate, snowmen, giving presents or spending time with family. There isn’t a right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas, and there is no wrong way to do your favorite Christmas-themed nails. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Experimenting is what led to this recent trend. Christmas is a time to celebrate, so feel free to get festive with your nails.