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4th of July Nail Art

From fireworks to food with the family, there are numerous ways to celebrate the 4th of July. Add a festive design to your fingers with 4th of July nail art that you can do yourself. There are also images that you can take to a professional who can usually give your nails a bit of flair for the holiday season. 

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Red, white and blue are prominent colors for 4th of July nail art design ideas. One option is to paint your nails red and white, alternating colors. Leave one nail plain so that you can paint it white and blue stripes with a red heart in the center. Add a little sparkle with a clear coat that has silver glitter. You can use the same idea but with blue and white alternating nails and one that is left so that you can paint it red and white. Add white polka dots to the blue nails and a blue star to the nail with stripes. 

A fun idea for the 4th of July that looks like fireworks is a blended design on the nails. Start with a base of white paint. Don't let it dry before adding a swirl of blue paint using a toothpick. Use another toothpick to add a swirl of red. Once all of the colors are on the nail, swirl them around with a clean toothpick until you get the design that you want. You can use different colors if you want the nails to look like traditional fireworks that you see in the sky. 

Stars are a popular design idea for the nails on the 4th of July. One option is to paint the tips of the nails, alternating in red, white and blue. Add a silver star at the base of the color. You can also put a few white stars on nails that are fully painted in red and blue. 

Make your toenails match your fingers by painting them red and blue with white polka dots. A simple design for the 4th is to paint your nails red with one nail featuring a flag design with blue and white stripes. There are a few other designs with stripes that you can create on the nails, such as tips in red and blue with a thin white line at the base before you see the natural nail. Make flag designs on the nails look like they are waving in the wind by using a toothpick to or a thin nail brush to create a wave instead of a straight line. 

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Glitter is a popular addition to nails on the 4th of July. Silver works well with patriotic colors. You could also consider using colored glitter on white polish to look like fireworks. Your nails don't have to be all the same design. One nail could be red, white and blue hearts while another could be white with red and blue stars. This is a benefit of nail art design. You get to use your imagination to come up with what you want for special events during the year.